Android Tablet Rooting + Installing Google Play [MAXSUN_M81]

Here is how to gain supersuser access to the MAXSUN M81 tablet. I used a rebranded version of the tablet (Spice IV) but it should work in any other rebrand.

Please note that this is not meant to be a detailed guide. I mainly use it to store the info for future use and hopefully help other people as well…

0. Enable USB debugging and third-party sources
1. Install ADB drivers. Easiest way is by using this:
2. Then connect the phone, wait until everything is installed properly…
3. Use one of the many rooting software around (one that worked easily is
4. Download and install google play from
5. Then google play needs to be a system app. Use app mover ( to achieve this.
6. Reboot.

Reddit Country Stats

I use reddit quite often and today I had an idea about a quick 1-hour project in Python.

What is it: I decided to see in which subreddits does every country of the world get mentioned more often. So for instance, Italy is mentioned a lot in the soccer subreddit (unsurprisingly).

Some Results:  

kosovo sarabia spain

The produced file, which contains many more countries, can be found here in csv format.

Implementation details: I used python and imported PRAW ( to access the reddit API and make valid requests. I am happy to share my source code with anyone interested. :)

Future: As with all projects, it is never done. So maybe in the future I will write some more code to process more than 1000 search results. Ideas welcome!

How I added an AUX input* in my car’s CD30

*Actually input extension cable. The input was already there, it was just not accessible.

One of the things I first noticed was that there was an option for AUX from the CD30 menu, so I started looking for a cable and indeed there was a cable sold for about 15 euros online. But I decided that I could build a small cable by myself and do not bother buying a new one.

So here is what I did:

Took the CD30 out of the car using two DIY extractors…made from a hanger. Then I found the pins that correspond to the AUX (R,L,Ground)

plug plug2

Started building the cable (I used some pins from an old computer PSU)
before-cables cable-done

Connected the cable to the pins:
(forgot to take a pic, but there is not much to see anyway)
Just be careful: Red is Right. The black is usually the ground. The other one (green or white etc) is the Left.


sh, bash, dash and Ubuntu

I wanted to install a quite old package in my ubuntu computer using the .sh file I downloaded from their website. So, I tried typing in terminal:

sudo ./

and I got:

/bin/sh: 0: Can’t open ./

Briliant! Since you are here, you are probably looking for a fix.

The problem stems from the fact that Ubuntu uses dash as the default shell and your script is written with another shell in mind. The most usual is bash (sh).

So type in a terminal window:

sudo bash ./

This will force ubuntu to run the script using bash.